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Decentralized real-time communication and cooperation

DAO template

DAO smart contracts and substrate pallet template


Onchain consensus with offchain calculation

DAO-Entrance white paper

The spread and spread of the COVID-19 epidemic accelerated the transformation of human from centralized to distributed office. Currently, most DAO organizations use Web2 products as distributed collaboration tools, such as Notion, Discord, Google Drive, slack, Enterprise WeChat, Ding Talk, Feishu, and so on. Existing DAO collaboration platforms all depend on ETH, which increases the cost of using DAO invisibly. [DAO-Entrance] is creating a native, secure and powerful real-time collaboration tool for Web3 to meet the basic office needs of the DAO team that are open, equal, decentralized, open, transparent and automated. A new DAO collaboration tool with secure privacy and low handling fee is provided by using the new model of on-chain consensus + off-chain privacy computing.

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